This website is the entry point to the ressources of the Open Dynamic Robot Initiative. This project originated in an effort to build a low cost and low complexity actuator module using brushless motors that can be used to build different types of torque controlled robots with mostly 3D printed and off-the-shelves components. This module, and extensions, can be used to build legged robots or manipulators. A paper describing the actuator module and the quadruped design can be found here. A paper describing the TriFinger Manipulator Platform and real-time reinforcement learning experiments can be found here.


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Build your own robot!

All the hardware (drawings) and software has been open sourced under the BSD 3-clause license so the robots can easily be reproduced by other research laboratories. Everyone is welcomes to contribute to the project!

All the sources are hosted on the Open Dynamic Robot Initiative Github site


This work is done in collaboration between the Motion Generation and Control Group, the Dynamic Locomotion Group and the Robotics Central Scientific Facility at the Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent System , the Machines in Motion Laboratory at New York University's Tandon School of Engineering and the Gepetto Team at the LAAS/CNRS.

Referencing the project

You can reference the project with the following citation:

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The pdf of the paper is available here